We specialize in custom work, SHYAM AHUJA has been weaving rugs and fabrics, and developing soft furnishings and home accessories to custom specifications for over four decades. While SHYAM AHUJA has an extensive collection, not everyone finds the excat colours, design, shape or size to suit their home. By collaborating with a dedicated SHYAM AHUJA representative you can create unique products tailored especially for you.


Choose a pattern from our vast rug collection. Then, provide us with the size, shape and colours that you need. It is that simple! With our very large looms, we can satisfy any size request; today, we have a loom capable of weaving flat reversible rugs up to 40 feet wide and 50 feet long – one piece, no seams. We provide renderings, poms and strike-offs for approval before weaving. The same process occurs for custom patterns and textures.


All you need to do is choose a fabric and provide us with your colour palette. For embroideries, select a SHYAM AHUJA base fabric and design and modify the colours and pattern to suit your needs. We provide cutting for approval before weaving. A minimum quantity of 50 yards is required for custom fabric production.

Soft Furnishings & Home Accessories

Simply pick a fabric from our vast collection and utilize it as you see fit! Whether it be creating a custom pillow, designing a linen robe or stitching a unique quilt, SHYAM AHUJA will help you translate your vision into reality.