SHYAM AHUJA rugs and fabrics are designed in India, hand-made in India and available with select designers and architects worldwide. Indeed, we have paraded the beauty of India’s handloom textile industry to the international market since 1963!

Each Shyam Ahuja rug carries a label stating, in bold letters, “Handmade in India.” Our advertisement campaigns – spread across North America and Europe – emphasize this very fact. Our towels are still Indian handloom, our embroidered fabrics are still painstakingly created by Indian hands and our rugs are still woven in Mirzapur, Bhadohi and Jaipur.

There is an art to the Indian handloom industry that is unique. Shyam Ahuja’s legacy has been built on the skill of these weavers and karigars. They have a sense of rhythm and poetry in their soul. Every rug – even the same design in the same color way – is intrinsically one of a kind. Every piece is a work of art.

Visit our showrooms in New York, Brussels, Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, have a look at our vast collection of rugs and fabrics and revel in the beauty of Indian handloom.

Our motto is simple: Quality above all else in production, understated elegance in design.